Let’s Go Extinct (2014)

Let’s Go Extinct (2014)

“Let's Go Extinct” is an album about evolution and possible futures, the daunting possibilities and the terrifying limits of the mind. It is our third full-length record, and was co-produced with David Wrench. Released in February 2014 by The Orchard in the United States and by New World Records in the rest of the world.

"Balances inner turmoil with external grace. Tricky that." Mojo

"The end-times have rarely sounded so sweet." Q Magazine

"Big themes, and a big sound...there's so much beauty on ‘Let's Go Extinct’ that it could hardly be anything other than a delight." NME

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WATCH: “Landlocked”

Directed by Inga Birgisdóttir

The Sea EP (2013)

The Sea EP (2013)

Released in 2013 on New World Records. Produced by Fanfarlo and David Wrench.

“Most importantly, the tunes are big” 8/10 NME

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WATCH: “A Distance”

Directed by Máni M Sigfússon.

Rooms Filled With Light (2012)

Rooms Filled With Light (2012)

The second Fanfarlo album, released in 2012. Produced by Ben Allen and recorded at Bryn Derwen by David Wrench.

“The second album from Fanfarlo sees them using the complex structures and sounds borrowed from Steve Reich and the weirder end of Scott Walker to augment their sparkly guitar jangle as they explore the bigger lyrical themes (science, philosophy, apocalypse) where most fear to tread. ... Best is ‘Tunguska’, where a velveteen swing guides home a song about a meteorite exploding over Siberia. Large Hadron pop that’ll frazzle yer neurons.” NME

“Balthazar’s dark humour only reveals itself to those willing to look sideways to find it.... like all the best love affairs it endures, and reveals new sides of itself with each listen.” 8/10 Drowned In Sound

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LISTEN: “Tunguska”

WATCH: “Deconstruction”

Directed by Alex Southam.

Reservoir (2009)

Reservoir (2009)

The debut album, self-released in 2009. Produced by Peter Katis.

“Treasure this band, they may just make the next few years much more bearable.” The Quietus

“London-based collective Fanfarlo’s debut is a carefully orchestrated treat” 8/10 NME

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WATCH: “The Walls Are Coming Down”

Directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard.