Fanfarlo at SXSW… part 3 Posted on Saturday 15 March 2008

Phew, yesterday was a l..o..n..g day – three great gigs, in different ways. Our first was at Emo’s Annex for Soundcheck Magazine at lunch time before we headed back to the Fader Fort for our Fader party show which was a really fun one. There’s already a review of it here at Tripwire. Backstage I copped out of saying hi to Duffy.

Photo: Solace. Fanfarlo playing at the Fader Fort

Then, at 11pm we had our final gig, an NME showcase gig at Wave Rooftop. We were all psyched up and the place was packed… but then our run of luck finally ran out… so far we’d had no serious technical problems at any gigs really but for our big NME showcase Fate gave us an exploding amp and a dead keyboard. Thanks to everyone who stayed and waited while we tried to get things working – we had to give up on the keyboard though and play a shorter, half improvised set with some great ad-lib trumpet and violin to fill in the keyboard parts… and somehow we got away with it. Suck on that Fate!

Update! Read a review of the NME gig here.