Fanfarlo at SXSW… part 4 Posted on Thursday 20 March 2008

Well, we made it back home, and what a great week. We saw loads of bands and drank a lot of Lone Star beer, but what made SXSW so great was how nice everyone was – guys in other bands, people from Austin and of course our hosts, Jason and Chad, great guys!

After the festival was over we had a day to spare and went for a hike to a waterfall at Dripping Springs. We had a swim and reenacted the Spiderland cover.

Fanfarlo as Slint

For our last evening we ate huge burgers and went to a real Texan bar where people ignore the smoking ban and play shuffleboard. Simon was a natural, but Amos turned out to be a shuffleboard genius and gave the locals a run for their money.

Simon whipping ass at shuffleboard