Thanks to everyone! Posted on Tuesday 4 March 2008

Thanks loads to everyone who came to ours and Sleeping States’ single launch at The Luminaire, or to our other joint gigs in Brighton and Bristol! All of them were great and it was especially cool to meet so many people we’ve talked to on myspace and so on over the last few weeks!

And also, of course, thanks loads to Oliver and Clare at Felt Tip records! Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done getting the 7” released!

Next thing we’re going to do is to go to Texas! It’s going to be amazing, I totally don’t know what to expect… apart from a lot of bands and a lot of parties I guess! Our visas were approved last week finally (I won’t go into the details of how painful and expensive it is to get work visas for America… but if you ever need to do it, be prepared for a harrowing experience…) so we’re all set, and will be on the plane this time next week!

Here’s the songs we played at the single launch…

Ernetti’s Chronovisor
Talking Backwards
We Live By The Lake
I’m A Pilot
Harold T. Wilkins
Sand And Ice
Pile It High, Sell It Low