Video diary 7 – Sudoeste, Portugal Posted on Monday 11 August 2008

Last Friday we flew to Göteborg to play at the Way Out West festival. All of us in the band love Sweden and it was great to be back there even though it was such a brief visit – we had a few hours after our 1am gig to catch up with our friends there before heading to the airport at 5am… didn’t even get a chance to use the hotel swimming pool which would have been fantastic. We caught some sleep on the plane and on the floor at the airport in Brussels where we had a stopover. By the time we got to Lisbon it was 1pm and we all just slept for the afternoon in out hotel.

We did get time to look round the city though – so many small pretty streets (see the new photo!). We walked down as far as the ocean and then set off on our mission to find a vegetarian restaurant we’d heard of that claimed to be the ‘best in the world’… it wasn’t, but it definitely was pretty nice. I liked the cous-cous. Then on Sunday we were driven to the Sudoeste festival site, 2 hours from Lisbon. All the music happens after 7pm so we had a go on the Ferris Wheel before everyone arrived…