Album Hate Party! Posted on Monday 8 September 2008

Yes! We are very much looking forward to recording the album next month. We are all fairly confident that it’s going to be very, very good indeed.

I agree with my band mate Mark that whilst we haven’t spent nearly this much time (1 month) living with one another we are all quite sure that all will be fine and we’ll get on just like the Brady Bunch or something.

However!! I would like to draw your attention to a more sinister aspect of our band that people rarely see.

Flowing in tandem with the smiles and hugs and the high fives runs a deep, burning river of hate that i fear knows no bounds. Much like the river of pink goo in the sewer in Ghostbusters 2. I feel our relationship with one another is teetering on a knife edge between these two states of extreme love and a fierce elicit hatred.

I however feel that this is healthy for a band. I really do think that the Love and the Hate are like fire and water and Fanfarlo is like the steam created in battle between the two.

The month away in New York will i think really provoke these intense, forbidden emotions that the six of us feel.

For the love of god i urge you to watch this space to see if it all becomes to much and the Pink Hate Goo makes itself known through prolapse from the collective Fanfarlo anus.

JUstin xx