Back from Holiday World Posted on Tuesday 23 September 2008

Burning questions: why does my shuffle love Pixies so much? When will Jeff Mangum make another album? And Is Mallorca simply a Butlins the size of an island?

The streets are crowded with exposed German flab in the day, paved with English and Swedish drunks in the night, and constantly filled with the blipping of machines begging for change. It’s rammed with steak houses and tacky bars. It’s Holiday World – thankfully with no murderous androids.

Needless to say, a place most indie promoters would be scared shitless organising a festival. It didn’t work out too bad for Petit Comite in the end though. Except Teenage Fanclub were supposed to headline, but got stuck in Bilbao. Now apparently when the festival announced that they wouldn’t be able to play, people were requesting us to play again. So the festival asked: would we mind playing again? Which we didn’t – and people didn’t seem to mind hearing some of the same songs again either.

I think that’s festivals done and dusted for this year then. We’ll squeeze in another show in London before we go away for a couple of months though – and it looks like we will be playing our first New York show at this years CMJ!