Norway + Adam Green + Pickled Fish Posted on Thursday 4 September 2008

So off to Norway we went. I was excited about this little excursion for a number of reasons. One of which was because i’m a big fan of Black Metal and Norway is it’s birthplace. Another was the fact that Norway, as Clare (assistant manager) quite rightly pointed out, is the shape of a huge engorged penis, testis included. We flew to Bergen which, on first impressions, reminded me of a cross between Nottingham and Royston Vasey. It’s a sort of quaint gingerbread town full to the rafters with pissed, slightly aggressive students.

We played a fantastic show in cave to one of the most responsive audiences i have encountered. I think we made some fans and i even think we sold a load of t-shirts which may or may not have been because Simon stated on stage that all proceedings go to charity. Good work

We had to be up at the crack of dawn for a 6 hour train journey from one side of ‘The Shaft’ to the other that provided view to some breathtaking scenes of natural beauty that almost caused me to swallow my tongue on more than one occasion.

As an Englishman, breakfast in Norway was a mixed bag of emotions. That soared, almost dispersing the dark cloud that was my hangover, as i spied what i thought were bacon and hash browns only to be dashed when i discovered they were actually fishcakes and a selection of reconstructed meats. Facing a bowl of pickled fish whilst sporting aforementioned hangover is not something i would recommend. I spent the next two days eating a lot of bread and cheese and being almost constantly backed up.

The evening descended and we played another great gig on a stage far smaller than the ones we have been used to this summer which had me feeling slightly self-conscious and exposed.

Rewind little over 24 hours to when Simon and i were belting out Adam Green’s Jessica Simpson as a pre-gig warm up to a room full of bemused Norwegian teenagers. Knowing this you can imagine our surprise when in the lobby of an Oslo hotel Adam Green walks in and stats hanging out with us. When i inform him of our pre-gig antics his first reaction is to say “oh,cool” and burst into song accompanied by Simon and i and the very small guitar he had purchased only that day. When Clare stepped out of the lift and into the lobby to be face with this monumental scene she later told me she thought she was having Acid flashbacks to the night before.

After this we walked about Oslo a bit, got bored and pissed off back to London where i now sit attempting to fill the void.

I am Justin XX