Bring on the trumpets Posted on Tuesday 21 October 2008

Hello from Fanfarlo recording headquarters. We’ve spent most of today recording many, many layers of guitars and percussion for a song. Imagine 30 people in a room all strumming acoustic guitars as loud as they can, and then imagine 30 people hitting drums and tambourines and stomping their feet. Then put the two together and add piano, bass, saw and vocals… well it sounds like that. It’s an immense musical death march.

We’ve also started up a Donkey Kong challenge which Amos is currently winning, and Leon has decided to experiment with facial hair. At the weekend we went to a gig in New Haven with the engineer here, Greg and while we were there we went on a tour of Yale… all old Oxford/Cambridge looking buildings which it turns out look that way because 75 years ago when they were made they were deliberately designed to look old… even down to deliberately having some of the leaded light window panes broken and repaired. They poured acid on the bricks to age them too and left the roof slates in the sea for 6 months to make them all broken around the edges. Crazy.