Mark signing off Posted on Monday 22 December 2008

Hi, Mark here, and I’m afraid I’m signing off!

I never really knew what bands meant when they said ‘musical differences’ but I do now – it’s differences of taste that you only notice when you work really closely together. Not really anything causing actual arguments even, but just an underlying feeling that everything isn’t quite fitting together as it could do… and you realise it’s the right thing to move on.

The last two years with Fanfarlo have been amazing and I’m incredibly, incredibly proud of the album we’ve made together. I think it’s going to do really well. I’m moving on though, and I’m going to keep on writing music, playing guitar and singing – my head is bursting with ideas at the moment! Stay in touch with me here if you want… or myspace.

It’s been great – definitely see you soon,
Mark.x 🙂