Rabbit Stew Posted on Thursday 12 February 2009

The five of us were raking through John’s(manager) extensive wardrobe for inspiration in preparation for a photo shoot. If we had indeed all dressed up in John’s cloths we may well have looked like a refugee version of The Hives. Luckily we ended up looking pretty much as we always do except one of us is wearing a silly hat.

The whole shoot was took place in sub-zero temperatures to the soundtrack of John’s hyperactive dog barking like a beast possessed into an empty rabbit hutch. The term ‘barking at an empty box’ kept me philosophizing, and subsequently warm, mentally(?) and perhaps more strangely physically for the rest of the shoot. The photos, we felt, were a success so we rejoiced by dining on fine bread and Gentleman’s Relish.

Days later the very same house was location to an impromptu Will Oldham(Bonnie prince Billy) photo shoot for a popular music publication. Whilst later perusing the prints of aforementioned shoot i realized the hound and i had much more in common than i would suspect. Not only do i feel that sometimes i myself am barking into an empty box(make of that what you will) but i would also like to curl up in Will Oldham’s lap and gaze into his eyes as someone took photos of us.

I remain…