We are on tour… Posted on Wednesday 18 February 2009

Waking up at the crack of dawn, all piling in to a tour van and trying not to get on each others half asleep nerves is tough. Twice as tough when one of your members is still drunk from the night before, not woken up in time and has most importantly forgotten some essential parts of the drum kit and other essentials.

Over an hour later than planned we were Manchester bound to appear on a TV show. I personally find these things sterile and not very much fun. It makes me quite proud to think that people are interested enough to get us involved and i won’t pretend that i don’t like being the center of attention but trying to muster the energy to put on a good performance for a bunch of Camera lenses and sound guys isn’t easy.

We arrived, we performed on hired equipment and we lied our way through an interview. Two hours later we all got back in the van to suffer the stench of Simon’s cheese and onion crisps and intense motion sickness all the way back to Londinium.

One day into our five week tour and i want to go home and watch Battlestar Galactica in my Long Johns and never leave.

Stay Positive.