Scotland – haggis and a car crash Posted on Sunday 1 March 2009

This week’s leg of the tour brought us to the land of the Scots. Our first show in Glasgow was in a massive hangar of an arena where we could have easily fit a few massive passenger planes… in fact, when we arrived, seven large lorries were parked in front of the stage. It’s a pretty strange sight, trust me. They would later that evening be replaced by our most drunken crowd yet – there were people on all fours spewing, and pissed girls in the front shouting for us to take our clothes off. Our first day of experiencing Scotland was completed with vegetarian haggis for dinner.

In Aberdeen, someone drove their car right into the side of our van whilst in a roundabout right next to the venue. Which meant sitting with the venue in sight, precious sound check minutes ticking by whilst waiting for the police to turn up. First on the scene was a bunch of jovial, remarkably chubby plain clothes police officers, who however decided they couldn’t be bothered and instead made us wait a further half an hour for another unit (of a slightly slimmer variety) to turn up.

Friday’s tiny club show – probably the sweatiest one we’ve ever played – was opened by an insane Japanese band called Apricot. Each song in the set was played as if it were the last one, including a mandatory putting down their instruments (carefully, definitely no raucous throwing going on) and running about in the crowd clapping and shouting. They also proudly showed us a 7” single of ours which they had bought back home. Respect.

Simon x