Competition: Send Us Your Artwork Posted on Tuesday 5 May 2009

Next Wednesday (that’s the 13th) we are doing a small acoustic showcase performance at the Hospital in Covent Garden, London. This is by invitation only and there is only a handful to spare, but since it would be really nice to see a few of your faces there, we have a small experiment we would like to try.

The task is the following: re-create the cover art of Reservoir. This could be anything from a rendition in Microsoft Paint to a photo of you re-creating the picture in real life. So it needs to be an interpretation of the original, but otherwise there are no rules.

Go forth and create! We will post your contributions on the site, and the best ones get invited to come along on the 13th. If we get something really nice there’s also a copy of the special limited edition of the album in the pot…

Send it to

F xx