East Coast Sell Out!! Posted on Sunday 27 September 2009

We arrived at our hotel in a real sketchy part of Philly pretty late at night and spent the next 15 minutes trying to explain to the baffoon on the other side of the bullet proof glass at reception that we had rooms booked. Not wanting to go far for food we ended up at a pretty miserable Soul Food joint. A pleasant old lady outside told me to be careful when walking about because it wasn’t safe. We were so far away from Sunset Boulevard it was unreal.

Soul Food minus the soul.

The next day saw us down town where we hooked up with top dude Dan Chertoff who is A&R for Canvasback Records and who kinda got the ball rolling in regards to our new record contract and stuff. We headed over to this boutique that apparently was gonna give us free stuff if we played them a song for their website. As it turned out, they gave us a pretty dodgy screen printed t-shirt each and then wanted us to tell the world how great their product was which i pretty much think we managed to avoid. The fact they were filming it on an iPhone was a bad bad start. The gig that night was sold out and the big signs on the door made sure everyone was aware of the fact. Sweeet.

Dan Chertoff tries to claw Simon back from the Dark Chasm of Waste Of Time Promo. A little bit of Simon was lost forever on this day.

After the gig we drove down to NYC and holed ourselves up in our uber swanky hotel, that whilst didn’t have any notable bullet proofing, did air-condition us to within an inch of our lives. We were up at the crack of dawn to do some more radio for the dudes at WFUV and then off to the biggest show of the tour yet at the Bowery Ballroom. Only a little while before we had been told this show had also sold out so we were all pretty pleased and bounded about like we owned the place for the evening. Jonsi (Sigur Ros) and Peter Katis (Reservoir producer) who have been working together on Jonsi’s solo record turned up and Jonsi and boyfriend Alex acted as DJs for the evening and played old, badly recorded songs put through a ton of delay…which was interesting.

Jonsi, Simon and Peter Katis finally come round to my way of thinking and embrace the metal \m/

The next day included yet more radio which whilst fun was starting to take it’s toll on us. The show that night, which was, at the risk of sounding repetitive, also sold out, took place at uber cool Brooklyn venue with uber cool Swedish band Wildbirds And Peacedrums who you should definitely check out. Somehow i had managed to loose my shoes before the gig so was forced to perform bare foot. As Jeremy had earlier told me my feet were ‘sexually attractive’ i was feeling pretty confident. There was a pretty good vibe after this show as it was the last show of what was an grueling mini-tour that hopefully increased our fan base and not just our carbon footprint. For both New York shows we were joined on stage by Jon Natchez (Beirut) who played accordian and sax and is all round awesome.

Jon Natchez rocking out on the old squeeze box.

Sexually attractive?

Mmmmmmmm Doughnuts are successfully used as bait to get us into radio studios by the later part of the tour.

One last radio session in Philly, that i think we barely stumbled through, and then all that was left to do was for Cathy to clean the exploded yoghurt from her bag and for me to wash my smelling feet in the sink before getting on a plane home and slipping into a coma due to exhaustion and severe jet lag.

Amos and i left our dignity in a hotel room in Philly.

Always wear socks.

Three days rest and then the U.K. tour with First Aid Kit will begin. See you there.