U.K. Tour Part 1 Posted on Tuesday 27 October 2009

So it’s seems so long ago when we went on the road in the UK. We’ve been damn busy. Never the less here is a diary entry after a few days.

We will catch up and you will soon know everything we have been up to. Maybe in more detail than is polite…

Dear Diary

So the first stop on our U.K tour with the awesome Swedish band First Aid Kit was Manchester. A little over a week ago we were playing a show on Sunset Boulevard but the grey sky and drizzle really sucker punched home the fact that we were back in old Blighty. Yes we were back and we were ready to be treated like bastards by venue staff and spend half of our time winging about the price of stuff in motor way service stations.

Leon with horn.

The first show soon raised our spirits and by the second gig in York we were literally glowing with happiness at being home. Klara and Johana of First Aid Kit and ourselves decided to team up on stage for a cover of the pretty sweet Devandra Banhart song ‘This Is The Way’.

Backstage rehearsal.

Glasgow welcomed us for the third day of this mini-tour and we rocked King Tuts. The next day we arranged with the Glasgow based music magazine The Skinny to throw a guerilla gig in The Cloisters of Glasgow University to anyone who heard about it on the internetz and the lucky people passing. A whole load of people turned up and we had a great time. As expected, security started buzzing about and jabbering into walkie talkies just as we were finishing and started barking on about who gave us permission to rock out on their property. We mentioned that someone in an office probably spoke to someone at some point about something and we quickly scarpered before they slapped a fine on us or something.

Rocking out at The Cloisters.

Toy policemen ready to serve out some rough justice.

Going somewhere else tomorrow but sadly i can’t remember where.