Dancing in the Forest Posted on Saturday 7 November 2009

We played a few cool shows at CMJ a couple of weeks ago. They included our second time at the grand Bowery Ballroom and The Williamsberg Music Hall. After our last show at about 1am we went on a 5 hour journey north to Lake Placid where we were to film a video with awesome director Alma Har’el. The next 3 days involved us sleeping during the day in log cabins next to a lake and heading out to the forest to film from 9pm to 8am. Needless to say in October upstate NY is pretty cold in the dead of night.

Ideas with Alma Har’el


The first day before heading out to the woods the five of us had to learn some pretty tough choreographed moves which was kind of new to us all. It’s not quite as cheesy as it sounds. I have been assured we will look nothing like the Backstreet Boys. With these moves nailed (hardly) we headed out into the forest for the first night of shooting. Alma was bouncing off the walls when it started to snow because apparently snow looks good on film. WE were just very f’king aware that we were gonna have to dance in the forest, at 3am, in the snow. It actually all went pretty well apart from the fact I was a beat slower than everyone else which may have been due to the Bob Marley ciggerettes i’d been smoking but i was intent on living the rock and roll dream and not letting a spot of choreographed dancing get in my way.


At 5am, just before the sun came up, we drove over to the lake to mess about in a boat. We were kind of in a race against the sunrise as Alma was keem to get this scene shot as the sun came up, so Leon and I were torn from our snoozing in the back of the van and dragged to the lake where we were ordered to yank a boat into the water, get into the water, and row off. This was all without any emergency training and i had never rowed a boat before so it was a pretty intense experience as everyone from the shore was shaouting at me to go in a particular direction (never the direction i was going) and everyone in the boat was shouting at me to be careful for fear of capsising. As I expected I was great and was told by not one but two people who have no idea what they are talking about that my oremanship(?) was second to none.

Deliverance: The Musical

Fear is evident as the Justin-captained boat trip approaches.

Not quite Jay-Z on a boat with girls in bikinis…But nearly.

This routine was repeated for two nights with success according to Alma’s reactions. Everything we done in those freezing hours was kind os abstract to us at the time with minimal clues as to waht the finished peice was going to look like and we put our faith in Alma’s vision. Watch this space to see the finished product. EX-CITEING!