Toronto and Montreal cancelled Posted on Monday 7 December 2009

Dear all,

Kind of gutted about this, since our Canadian shows were definitely going to be one of the highlights of this tour for me (the Vancouver gig just went to show that) – but we are going to have to pull our shows in Toronto and Montreal. This is following the theft of my passport, containing my American visa.

We were parked behind the venue in Portland when someone broke into our van, where they pinched my bag containing my laptop with unfinished songs, sketchpad, notebook, ipod… and my passport.

As some of you might know, US immigration are pretty… strict. So the long and short of it is that even though I have a visa, chances are I won’t be let back in the country without the physical copy of it. And if you’ve been denied entry once, that’s basically going to make things very difficult for you for the rest of eternity.

So sorry – we’ll make it up on the next tour!