We made it alive (more or less) Posted on Sunday 10 January 2010

Well hello two thousand and ten. London is almost paralysed by a stinky wet blanket of coldness, but we are working away like galley slaves in our little rehearsal shack, preparing for a another mammoth three months or so of constantly driving, eating shit food and meeting amazing new people every night… There’s no heating in our studio but we’ve sped up all our songs to keep us warm. And there’s a pipe above the front door spewing dirty shower water on you if you’re unlucky enough to step out at the wrong time, but we do a little anti-rain dance and hope to not be soaked this time. God knows where in the innards of the ex-piano factory that is Omega Works the shower water is coming from.

I find it kind of hard to fathom that we came out alive on the other side of the tour just gone, with its completely ridiculous snow storms, passport thefts and general hell, not to mention the 12,000 miles we had to drive. Fucking cold as well. That’s it, never doing a winter tour again. Actually come to think of it, maybe we should only tour in warm, conveniently located places. Or how about from bed, is that possible? Surely there is some way of hooking us up with video link. Fanfarlo 2011 Horizontal Tour.

Actually it was kind of fun sometimes as well. And the grand finale at Webster Hall was epic, as those of you who were there know…

Wish we could do this for every show. (Thanks for the photo Casey.)

So in a week or so we are off again. Europe is first up, which will take us to Cathy’s beloved Brussels and my dear Gothenburg… then we are off to America for a few shows, then back to the UK, then back to the US again for south by south west… blah blah. But what’s really crazy about this is that we are going out on the road for the first time as a five piece. Scary for me as I now actually need to know what I’m doing when it comes to electric guitars, amps and pedals… but I’m getting there. I’ll make you proud I promise.

Peace and love,