Don’t Mess With Texas! Posted on Monday 22 March 2010

Everyone is really excited about attending SXSW for the – get this – third time. Not only because it brings the promise of much-missed sun and standard fun that annually occurs for 5 days in downtown Austin, but also because we are delving into the world of film-making for the first time. We are working with an awesome New York-based video artist named Brian Gonzalez on a strange semi-fictional documentary about Fanfarlo, in which an idea we’ve been kicking around for ages of bringing the girls from the cover of ‘Reservoir’ to life, is finally being realised.

Brian is following us around from dawn til dusk, filming everything we do, which is no doubt both a good and bad thing…hopefully it can be pulled together in the editing (!). Anyway, he hadn’t yet materialised on the way to the hotel breakfast, when the first people I met were a couple of girls with video cameras asking if I would like a “free strip-o-gram” in my room. It would of course have seemed churlish to say no, so I grinned and bore it.

(pic removed on reasons of taste)

Anyway, after that – unbelievably – the day just got better, starting with a session for the awesome KEXP, who we gave our album to at last year’s festival and have played it about a gazillion times since then. It was at Gibson guitars and I got to borrow an ace Firebird bass that suited my rock stylings.

After that we mooched round South Congress, checking the cool but crazy expensive vintage stuff in Uncommon Objects, before heading off to register for the festival and then load-in for the KCRW showcase in the middle of the madness of 6th Street. Think we just about got away with the show, despite the sound sucking a big one and the fact that the stage was ankle deep in dust and we were in the throes of intense jetlag with red faces from the unforgiving Texas sun.