South By South Pole. Posted on Sunday 4 April 2010

Holy shizzle, what happened to the weather?! Thank goodness we did the filming in the river yesterday. It’s so freaking freezing today there is no way any of us would’ve gotten in the water if it had been today. I know we said yesterday we were willing to suffer for our art, but this is ridiculous. it’s like the year’s gone through a mini time warp back to early January and maybe a bit of a geographical shift too to somewhere completely baltic. Can you tell we’re English(-ish), never happier than when discoursing at length on the weather?

Today is split between working in the studio and playing our final South-by show. Why are we putting ourselves through it trying to nail stuff in the studio in the middle of a busy week in Austin? Thank you for asking. Well, the real reason is there’s this demo of our song ‘Atlas’ tempted into a big movie, and if we can’t better it before the end of the month there’s every chance they’ll go with the demo (if they go with anything at all), and the demo is crazy faster than the way we play it live these days. Fine if they do, but nicer still if we can get a take this baby through the stratosphere in here tonight.

We’ve also got to get Cathy’s “parts” down ce soir before she goes off on a week long trip with her boyf deeper into Tejas to some spa/ranch type combo. This means twin sessions with Mike McCarthy at his bijou recording facility in Nth Austin somewhere up the I-35, sessions which bookend the ‘Chopshop’ showcase in Brush Square at 7pm. Producer Mike (of Spoon/Trail of the Dead fame) came to the Ale House show last night and seemed genuinely psyched and deeply into the band; an impression we haven’t seen necessary to reappraise now we’ve been here a bunch of hours. He’s awesome.

Anyway, dunno what you know about being in the studio, but it’s not the richest seam of blog gold, consisting as it does of sitting around waiting for someone in another room to do something overandoverandover again til you feel like taking up a battle axe and going quite literally berserk.
Still at least it’s warm while you wait, which as I’ve alluded to is more than can be said for outside. Brass monkeys out there, mate. I’d like to say, we made a quick neat job of performing tonight in the tent downtown, but that’d be lying. In reality mistakes were made, strings were broken and mandolins unaccountably malfunction, but people were nice enough to cheer n’stuff and make sexual advances at the end (OK maybe not the latter so much). So I guess that’s a good sign.

Anyway, not so much happened today that aside, so here’s a picture of Amos’s neoprene apple holder for all you fruit casing fans out there. He already has a banana