Suffering For Our Art Posted on Saturday 3 April 2010

Our planned early start to get to the Austin Green Belt in order to film our as-yet-untitled cinematic masterpiece is somewhat undermined by the fact that Justin rings up at the departure time of 10am saying he’s overslept. Clearly he’s in some part of the city other than La Quinta motel, and this delay gives everyone else the excuse to shamble off and get unscheduled breakfasts/whatever, meaning we rock up to the pretty backwater close on an hour late, a delay which will shunt through the day in a chain reaction of mild stress.

Director/visionary Brian Gonzalez’s idea is to have the band immerse themselves in the invigorating waters of Barton Springs. For invigorating read f@cking freezing, a situation not assisted by the fact that the day starts out pretty chilly and overcast – although in truth by the time anyone gets wet the sun is out and we are wondering whose fault it is we don’t have any sunblock.

Brian has the band get in character by issuing motivational hints such as ‘surprise’, ‘bewilderment’, ‘trepidation’. Everyone in the band looks deep within themselves to deliver stirring method performances.



more surprise!


Anyway, don’t want to give any spoilers, suffice to say the footage looks great downloaded a few hours later, and when was the last time a music doc won Best Picture?

One thing I can reveal is that for the last shot of the day before we rush off to fulfill yet another radio obligation, everyone has to duck their heads into the brain freezing torrent and emerge in ecstatic unison. Unfortunately the brisk current whisks Justin’s glasses clean off his beak and carries them to thru the rapids beyond all hope of search and rescue. Thanks river, just what we need another thing Justin can find to feel sorry for himself over.