Vacation time. Posted on Monday 31 May 2010

As i write we are back on the road in Europe. And thorougly refreshed we feel too after a 4 week break in which we all but one decided to leave the country. For my vacation I decided to split it up between San Fransisco and Chicago. Something i have always wanted to do since i started spending so much time in the U.S., walking their wide flat streets and vast expanses of open space and breathtaking scenery was take my bike there and just ride around a whole bunch. Well this was the only opportunity i was gonna get for some time so i packed my Dave Yates Track Bike up in a box and flew to Oakland just outside San Fransisco.

Bike in a box.

Bike getting stoned in Dolores Park

I spent the next 11 days rididng around what i now think is the most beautiful city i have ever been to. Not only have you got the awesome ‘hip and happening’ Valencia where all the cool kids hang out and get stoned in Dolores park but you got some of the raddest parks and forests within spitting distance in which i rode my little heart out. They also have an island with an old prison on it, a massive red bridge and plenty of sun and palm trees.

The bike and i on a romantic trip to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bike on a boat checking out George Lucas’ inspiration for the AT-AT’s(fact).

Chicago, after spending so much time in SF was kinda like coming back home, in the sense that there is a lot of urban decay, a whole lot of noisy traffic, it rains a lot and there is a Starbucks and Vintage cloths store around every corner. I kinda liked it.
Romance definately brought me to Chicago, but it’ll be Baseball that takes me back(hopes she doesn’t read this). After attending a Chicago Cubs game at the awesome Wrigley Field and two Chicago White Sox games at The Cell i can safetly say that i have a new obsession and The Chicago Cubs have a new fan. I now have a Major League Baseball.COM subscription so i can watch the live games online and four bandmates who are getting sick to death of hearing about baseball. I also have a new tattoo of the Stars and Stripes I aquired in Chicago which i may or may not regret in the future.

Bursting with excitement before my first baseball game.

Taking patriotism about someone else’s country too far. Cool.