Under The Reservoir Part Four Posted on Wednesday 7 July 2010

And so, the honesty episode. The one to reveal what we are really like, behind the “glitz, glamour and greasepaint” (wait a minute, we are poorly acquainted with all three of those concepts). Anyway, this is the Fanfarlo left when the banter stops and the finally mask slips. Thrill! as Justin tells all about exactly how he joined the band. Gasp! as Simon unveils the secrets behind his creative process. Swoon! as Amos talks us through his so-called “love life.” In any case, marvel at Brian Gonzalez’s masterly camerawork and editing, once again doing a sterling job at making us look cooler by far than we actually are. Watching his films makes us want to be in Fanfarlo … which is lucky, I guess.