Broken vans and broken drivers. FAIL! Posted on Thursday 19 August 2010

Sadly we had to pull out of two gigs in the last week. One of which was the awesome Summer Sundae in Leicester. We had to pull out of last years event too due to the dreaded swine flu Cathy picked up. This year it was because our usual driver was rushed to hospital minutes before picking us up to take us there. We did eventually get in the van 3 hours late with a maniac behind the wheel. He managed to nearly kill us several times and get himself into more than one shouting match with other white van drivers before getting us stuck in gridlock traffic 5 miles outside of London and subsequently missing our already pushed back stage time. FAIL!

We have not had very much luck with Vans, as you regulars may be aware. This recent stint in Europe just wouldn’t have been the same without a frantic day running around a foreign city trying to get our van fixed or replaced just so we could make the next gig. We’ll predictably fate didn’t let us down and this is exactly what we ended up f**king doing. AGAIN! Seriously. I can’t talk about it because it’s all too recent. FAIL!

So all you awesome people who gave a shit and wanted to see us at Summer Sundae or Munster, the five of us are so sorry and Amos has agreed to verbally beg forgiveness on 07978…….

Ha ha


One shit heap van to another in the Czech republic