Fanfarlo Doll Faces Posted on Monday 13 September 2010

So i thought this was so cool and flattering that i had to blog about it.
Amanda Gates and Grace Scarpello who attend the All Girls Ukrainian Catholic School in Philadelphia are self confessed fans of the band they decided to immortalise us in clay. So not only did they make awesome little replicas of each of us and our instruments they also went to incredible creative lengths to package the lot and send it to us.



They paid meticulous attention to detail including the Ayn Rand patch on my jacket. Also included was a mix CD that featured some great tunes. I would never have guessed Ukrainian Catholics would have such great music taste.Well, anyway, clearly they do, and if anyone else wants to make effigies of us that is just fine as long as it’s tasteful.Well, actually I want an inflatable Amos. Can someone make that happen for me?