What does Fanfarlo mean? Asks Jack MAZES. ART IS CHEAP! Posted on Thursday 25 August 2011

So my friend Jack from the wonderful band MAZES has started this strange project called ART IS CHEAP. Give him some information, be it a title, lyrics or whatever, send him £10 and he will write you your very own song. He will also post it and write about it over at click here.

Post tattoo Jack.

I think I was tattooing him when he told me about it and I was super eager to get him to write Fanfarlo a song. I thought about asking him to write the next Fanfarlo record, but alas, it’s already finished. Head over and take a listen to what he’s getting up to. Also if you haven’t listened to MAZES yet you should check that shit out.

What Does Fanfarlo Mean by Jack Mazes