Replicate replicate replicate replicate replicate Posted on Wednesday 28 September 2011

Today we have three fabulous remixes for you to download from three of our friends. First up Teletextile: as a violinist, harpist and singer she’s a musical force, but here she demonstrates some serious deftness at the screen in this remix debut. She’s also been helping us out for years, putting us up in nyc on our very first trip over there in 2008, playing with us at a couple of shows and generally being the life and soul. Her new record drops October 14th. The 2 Bears from London, one of those bears being one half of Hot Chip, have brought the boogie with a house reworking of the track. Slim-line. Senz from back home in Brussels has always had the best record collection out of all my friends. He’s been chopping and screwing since he’s been in long pants and this number was constructed entirely on an mpc. Look out for more from him at at Isolated Wax Records. Enjoy, Fanfarlo

Image by Calvin Frederick