Fanfarlo & the reunification of the fatherland. Posted on Sunday 5 February 2012

Needless to say we were all pretty excited to visit South Korea. Largely because, as the name suggests, it is just below North Korea which is kind of like the worlds biggest art installation. Albeit one that involves misery and hardship on a large scale. “If we start digging here we can be in Pyongyang by dinner time” Our hotel was positioned on top of a shopping mall and miles away from the centre of Seoul which wasn’t particularly ideal but it would only be for a few nights until we moved to a more central location for the rest of our week long stay. So our first impression was one of a Vietnamese restaurant and the brightly coloured puffa jackets peddled by the sports outlets to the cold yet fashion conscious Korean public. Idiots abroad. On gig day we all went into the centre of seoul to a traditional Korean restaurant where i accidentally ate a full bodied crab. Then we went on a tour around a pretty spectacular royal palace from the 13th century or something. That night we played a pretty sweet show at a festival in a ridiculously oversized venue, sandwiched between Korean bands that played ballads that sounded like an asian Barbara Streisand sung by Korean dudes. Fitting in. The next day was the day we’d all been looking forward to. A trip to the DMZ (demilitarised zone) between North and South Korea where you could point and laugh at the north in their communist hell hole whist taking pictures on your capitalist smart phones and having a machine gun pointed at your head by 14 year old South Korean soldier boys. We walked around for hours in a state of wonderment at the ‘miracle of the DMZ’. Premium tourism…with guns. Defender of the faith. The promised land, North Korea. I nearly caused an incident taking this picture as photography was forbidden. The rest was Kimchi, fermented alcohol that looked like milk and hotel air-conditioning/heating that sucked the moisture out of you from the inside out so you woke up feeling like the dried husk of the person that went to sleep hours earlier. Here is a small video i made of our trip.

It was wonderful. Thanks to our awesome new Korean friends. You know who you are. See you next time South Korea. Justin