Vostok, I Know You Are Waiting Posted on Wednesday 8 February 2012

I’ve been reading about Lake Vostok, which lies underneath the surface of Antarctica and is believed to be a million years old. The idea of a lake hidden beneath four kilometres of ice is just mind blowing. I would love to write a song about that.” So said Simon in an interview published almost two years to the day. The idea germinated into “Vostok, I Know You Are Waiting” which was performed just the once, aptly, in Iceland two summers ago, and recorded in Wales in spring of last year. It’s hard to fathom a pristine, freshwater lake, that has lain undisturbed for 15 million years. Lake Vostok’s water is estimated to be roughly a million years old. 12,000 feet (3,750 metres) of ice above it has kept it insulated, “trapping in the Earth’s geothermal heat and preventing the lake from freezing.” Two days ago, Russian scientists, at the polar Vostok station on a drilling mission to the buried lake, announced they were a mere 5 metres away from the surface. Unfortunately, they had to halt the project so that they “could make it off the ice and onto the last flight before the beginning of the Antarctic winter season.” Winter in Antarctica can reach -89 degrees C (-129 degrees F), so drilling will resume in the next austral summer in December. In honour of the exciting news, the possible discovery of new forms of life and a greater understanding of evolution of life on Earth, or waking up a sleeping alien space ship, OR indeed the possibility of releasing a massive gas cloud that will change the arctic climate and eventually annihilate us all, we’d like to share our song, “Vostok, I Know You Are Waiting.”

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