‘The Sea’ EP out today Posted on Sunday 13 October 2013

Our new EP ‘The Sea’ is out today.

The Sea EP

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A bit more about these songs:

‘The Sea’ is a song about humanity evolving back into living in the sea, driven by an instinctive and melancholy longing for a simpler time. It’s about following a call of the wild, our bodies still in search of that elusive lost golden age. This story of giving up on the whole project of land-dwelling also dovetails nicely with our new album which is all about human evolution and possible futures.

The double A-side on the EP meanwhile, ‘A Distance’, is about our fraught attempts at communicating with each other – how it seems we are always reduced to some sort of echo or projection of ourselves in someone else’s brain. A resolute call for a human hive-mind, or at the very least telepathy.

‘The Wilderness’ is about the call of a different wild: the wilderness inside, the daunting possibilities of life and all the misguided ways we choose to deal with them. It’s about the sad beauty of squandered chances and waiting, waiting for something to happen.

‘Witchi Tai To’ is our tribute to Jim Pepper’s magical and life-affirming adaptation of a traditional native American Peyote song. This song has saved many lives.

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