Vinyl Life Form Posted on Tuesday 22 October 2013

A piece of music really comes to life once the very sound is etched into a vinyl disc and you hold it in your hands wrapped in specifically chosen artwork.

This particular artwork is a piece by the wonderfully talented musician/artist Alexander Tucker. It’s a piece called ‘Algae Age’ from a collection of postcards he released on Strange Attractor Press, which incidentally, is run by Fanfarlo’s UFO chasing/crop circle making friend Mark Pilkington.

Algae Age spoke to us straight way. Or to be more specific, the characters in the collage spoke to us. They said “Hi. We are you. We are what you evolve into. If, of course, you decide to return to the sea”

We will approach this question in greater depth in next years full length LP.
Maybe the sea isn’t such a good idea?

J x x


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