PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. (D.I.Y. video cover versions from Fanfarlo HQ) Posted on Thursday 14 November 2013

So us lot in Fanfarlo have been chatting about this cover version business for years. Not sure if any of you remember but we did do a few in Cathy’s old apartment on a laptop appropriately called the LAPTOP SESSIONS years ago. They were alright. We did a SMASHING PUMPKINS cover and a BONNIE PRINCE BILLY cover. I’m sure they’re still on the internet somewhere.

Anyway, whilst still being very DIY we thought we’d up the ante with a new series called PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT where we set up a smoke machine a some fancy lights we picked up on the road somewhere and play some of the songs that have been inspiring us a few years on down the line.

We kick off with an alternative version of WITCHI TAI TO which is the 4th track from our new EP ‘THE SEA’.
It’s an old native american ‘Peyote’song. Peyote being a hallucinogenic cactus native to Southwest North America and these dudes used to ingest it to get in touch with the old spirits. Apparently it worked a treat, but sadly also made them vomit. Anyway, a dude called Jim Pepper extrapolated on the song and made a pop song of it in the 60s, which was in turn covered by HARPERS BIZARRE in ’69. That’s the version we fell in love with.

Anyway…here it is. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did making it. We’re gonna do a bunch more of these things. I hope we open your mind to some far out bands that you never knew about and maybe some classics you already know and love.

Peace and love.

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Wm says:

The best band I have heard in a long time. Please keep up the work: my household waits every new song.

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