The Strange Attractor: Mark Pilkington Posted on Friday 17 January 2014

I’ve been friends with Mark Pilkington for a few years now and he’s safely wears the crown of ‘most interesting person I know’. I’m not suggesting I pick my friends based on how interesting they are. I just like rewarding people crowns, in my head, whether they like it or not. I first met him when he was proofing a friends film which he provided a voice over for regarding the social significance of extreme or noise as music within our culture. Needless to say my interest was peaked and we formed a friendship.

A 3 part series made by Mark Pilkington for Wire Magazine.

Mark is Fanfarlo’s go to guy if we have a question and want a personal account and sometimes, ‘inside knowledge’ regarding a plethora of esoteric subjects e.g. UFO’s, the occult, fringe science, strange literature and a bunch of often unexplainable things.

Mirage Men. A trailer for the forthcoming film, companion to the book of the same name by Mark Pilkington.

I’ve had great fun and have learned a lot from hearing Mark give talks and reading the books mark has either written or published through his publishing company Strange Attractor Press.
I thought a Countdown To Extinction podcast with Mark would be fun and informative and give me a chance to focus on some of my favourite subjects.

David Wilcock and his wonderful Source Field Investigation.

Visit STRANGE ATTRACTOR PRESS for a whole catalogue of weird and wonderful publications including Alexander Tuckers wonderful postcard collection from whence THE SEA ep artwork came and new album my Mark’s musical project RAAGNAGROK.


Algae Age by Alexander Tucker.(released on Strange Attractor Press)

My Chat with Mark Pilkington.

I hope you enjoy listening.