Buzzsession from Brooklyn: “Let’s Go Extinct“ and “Deconstruction” Posted on Monday 21 July 2014

This just in…

When we were in New York a few months ago we did a session in a great little studio. It was a stressful day, because, well, NYC just ain’t built for driving around in a tour bus in. By the time we got there, we had about fifteen minutes to get two songs done, but this is actually lovely, and so happy that we got to document this very different version of ‘Deconstruction’.

Watch the Wild Honey Pie Buzzsession here

4 thoughts on “Buzzsession from Brooklyn: “Let’s Go Extinct“ and “Deconstruction”

Jimmie Day says:

I absolutely loved this! So beautiful.

Jose Antonio says:

hacia muchos años que no escuchaba musica tan buena, sois magicos.

Iman says:

Please come back from the dead. And, come on down to Birmingham (UK, not the shitty gringo one) sometime c;

bugulp says:

How did I never saw this before? Great session from the boys!

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