Some(lots of) words on my(Justin) Mixtape and why. Posted on Wednesday 6 November 2013

So i’ve been compiling this for a while now, and whilst i should add that if i were to be totally honest about my listening habits right now the WHOLE mixtape would consist of STEELY DAN songs from between 1975-1980 with a DONALD FAGEN ‘ The Nightfly’ track thrown in. But that would simply be a compilation of my favourite tracks from my favourite band and that DOES NOT constitute a mix tape in the traditional sense.

Pretty much the first 2/3s is music from the 70s. That’s because, let’s all admit, it was the GOLDEN AGE for music. I wish i was there. A bunch of this stuff has been a big influence on FANFARLO whilst making the new record which will appear in Feb 2014. In fact we had a mantra which we chanted before heading into the studio everyday, “what would KING CRIMSON DO?”. However, it doesn’t sound anything like King Crimson which i’m sure most of you will be pleased to hear.

Anyway, moving on, There’s some old bands i used to listen to in my teens and early twenties when i was a make-up wearing goth that still grab me at this stage of my life. TYPE O NEGATIVE and WOLFSIEM are only two of them but i felt they deserved a place. In my opinion GENTLEMEN TAKE POLAROIDS by JAPAN is one of the best records ever recorded so there was no chance of those dudes being omitted. Later era TALK TALK is a band most of us in FANFARLO discovered quite recently around the time of making the new record and they inspired us a bunch. INHERITANCE (and the LP from which it’s from) is a truly awe inspiring piece of work in it’s purity and subtlety.

I kind of finished up with some quite intense ambient noise which is something i’ve been into since my teens. This offering from Icelandic resident BEN FROST from his 2010 KILLSHOT LP is simply staggering. Not everyones cup of tea i’m aware. But, y’know, take some downers, put some cans(big headphones) on your head and chill out and it’ll return you home from this SUPER SONIC JOUNEY, or alternatively it’ll send you somewhere from whence you’ll never return.

Peace and Love.
Justin (the bass player)

More new music on the radio: ‘Let’s Go Extinct’ Posted on Wednesday 30 October 2013

Here is another new piece of music seeing the light of day in a live recording for the BBC. This time it’s on Gideon Coe’s show, much of which is spent as a tribute to Lou Reed and well worth listening to. But should you want to skip straight to the Fanfarlo goods, we’re on at 2 hours and 47 minutes into the show.

Listen here:

Whilst listening, watch this animation of a banana going through an MRI scanner:


Radio DaDa Posted on Tuesday 29 October 2013

Last night we played 3 new songs on BBC radio 6 as a guest of the continually supportive and legendary Marc Riley.

A great conversation ensued about the themes of the EP and the coming album. It felt good to get some of that shit off our collective chest.

Good sound, good company and good vibes.

If you wanna hear some songs from the forthcoming album you can do so here starting at 48 min and 15 sec:

Fanfarlo and Marc Riley

Soon Posted on Wednesday 23 October 2013

Halloween is coming up and we have a special treat for you. x


Vinyl Life Form Posted on Tuesday 22 October 2013

A piece of music really comes to life once the very sound is etched into a vinyl disc and you hold it in your hands wrapped in specifically chosen artwork.

This particular artwork is a piece by the wonderfully talented musician/artist Alexander Tucker. It’s a piece called ‘Algae Age’ from a collection of postcards he released on Strange Attractor Press, which incidentally, is run by Fanfarlo’s UFO chasing/crop circle making friend Mark Pilkington.

Algae Age spoke to us straight way. Or to be more specific, the characters in the collage spoke to us. They said “Hi. We are you. We are what you evolve into. If, of course, you decide to return to the sea”

We will approach this question in greater depth in next years full length LP.
Maybe the sea isn’t such a good idea?

J x x


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