Wow, we’ve been busy. Posted on Friday 12 December 2008

Recording the album last month was all in all a really good experience, it was good to be away and kinda cut off from everything with nothing to do except to concentrate on the album and make every song as good as it could be. I think we’ve done pretty well, and Peter bought loads of new and exciting ideas to the mix that really made some of the songs far more than they would have been without him. As a result, some songs that we were a bit unsure about have evolved to be the best tracks on the album!

Since we’ve been back we’ve had loads to think about – track order for example, artwork and of course the tricky subject of the album title! Seen as how there’s 6 of us in the band coming up with possible ideas there’s been… well… a lot of ideas, some of them more sensible than others. I think we’ve finally settled on one now… but we’ll keep it secret for a little while longer 😉

In other news, Justin has decreed that from now on he will be known as ‘Ultimate Finch’.

So anyway, 2009 is almost here Fanfarlo are poised and ready to take over the world. There’s quite a few exciting things planned for early next year that I’m itching to tell you but I have to keep secret for a little bit longer, sorry! Plus there’s SXSW 2009 in March which promises to be even better than the riot that was SXSW 2008. It’s all good… keep watching!