Imminent freedom (if the volcanoes don’t stop us) Posted on Friday 16 April 2010

After the usual post-return-from-america waking up at 6.30 AM despite getting to bed at 2 AM, then tossing and turning in impatient denial of the fact that there is just no returning to sleep, I’ve given in to the facts and am having a surprisingly decent breakfast at the Orly airport hotel. We are at the very last stretch of our seemingly never-ending run of shows that have kept us on the road pretty much since October. And perhaps it is the feel of imminent freedom to actually do other things than play gigs that is throwing my brain into creative overdrive this morning, or perhaps it’s just sleep deprivation induced. But there just seems to be a million ideas wanting to fill my notepads today. Funny how boredom and coffee does that.

Then I go on a internet reading spree. Looking up 50s Mardi Gras costumes. Reading The Onion. Looking at Fender Jag wiring schematics trying to figure out what’s wrong with the pickup selector that I had to open up and attempt to fix just before a show the other night in Paris. The sight of your instrument lying gutted on the stage surrounded by bolts and wiring is slightly unsettling. Then catching up with the news. Volcanoes? Cancelled flights? This is the first I hear of it. I really do hope that we will be able to return to London after tomorrow’s last show of the tour in Granada, lest all our plans of time off will be foiled. If our previous times in Spain are anything to go by tomorrow will be a crazy night. The fact that we’re playing at two in the morning is also an indication.

Also was looking at some documentary stuff and was reminded about the Thax Douglas documentary. To refresh your memory, Thax is a poet from Chicago, these days living in Austin. A pretty eccentric character who will write off the cuff beat poems about bands and present them on the spot as an introduction at the band’s show. He wrote a brilliant one for us when we played in Austin end of last year. We posted about this in our Advent Calendar (Day #10) at the time, but I don’t think we mentioned anything about the documentary that was made about him a few years ago. Really like what I’ve seen from it… here’s a segment:

A few hours until the flight (if it leaves!), so time to head into Paris and check out the catacombs before I fall asleep.

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