Building bridges Posted on Wednesday 1 February 2012

When you’re getting a record together for release there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle. We’re about to do a lot of touring and in our case so much happened in the studio that it meant learning how to play the songs live again. We’ve made videos, and we’ve thought a lot about artwork: what images best convey something about the music. We’ve had Allison Diaz contribute various pieces (single artwork for Deconstruction and Shiny Things, and band portraits that come with the album) as her cut up found photos seemed to convey something about the fragmentation of identity and personhood in our world. It shows us a warped reality, a ‘haunted mirror’ of ourselves. The album cover image, a photo by Toshio Shibata also looks like a collage, so striking is the juxtaposition of large, industrial object against lush landscape. Tight geometry vs. soft complexity. It tells a story about modernity, about how human make their strange and beautiful marks on the landscape. There is also all of that metaphorical potential in how it links two places together. Given our departure from one musical sphere to another, this also chimed with us. But what I’d really like to do right now is draw your attention to another artist whose work we love: Clement Valla has scoured google earth to find the glitches – the bits of warped landscape that confused the cameras. The results are twisted, comical and beautiful. Many of these also feature bridges, which are obviously meant to overcome the sometimes inconvenient geometry of landscapes, but here they fall prey to it. The 3D mapping hasn’t caught up with the huge objects we’ve thrown at it. Bridges are becoming something of an obsession for Fanfarlo: we’ve started a collection from our travels. We’ll post some up soon. In the meantime, please send us some of your own bridge art and we’ll post the ones we like: goes straight into our inbox. We spoke to Clement and to Google about using his images somewhere. Clement said yes but sadly Google said no. However, you should definitely see how amazing they are, so here are a few of my favourites, and a song to listen to while you’re looking. I considered posting Neil Young’s tribute to Hart Crane, but this Kate Bush outtake from Hound of Love seems more in the spirit of things: 17 Burning Bridge Yours, C