“Let’s Go Extinct” Micro Documentary Posted on Friday 9 May 2014

Been meaning to show you this. Before we went on tour we gathered a whole wealth of footage from last year, shot in Wales while recording Let’s Go Extinct. It was a special time for us, feeling a record crystallising and sort of making itself. The empty, cold spaces around us seemed to be a part of it too, and we felt like all this needed to be documented in some form. Here it is, in a condensed, impressionistic sort of way – this is what it felt like.

Big thanks to Adam B. Daniels for his involvement.

4 thoughts on ““Let’s Go Extinct” Micro Documentary

Robert Wilson says:

What a great artist, I look forward to
seeing this group in person some day.

The video looked cool and the music was awesome

Geneviève says:

Très chouette et généreux concert à Montréal, Sala rossa – 17 avril 2014. Je vous adore.

FAGHEL says:

Très beau moment que cette vidéo, un moment d’intimité et de création qui laisse à voir encore beaucoup de moment d’émotion à l’écoute des prochaines oeuvres de FANFARLO.
A bientôt peut-être à Nantes…

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